Thursday, December 10, 2015

Freezing cookie dough and cookies for the holidays

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Now that the holidays are upon us, things will get hectic, leaving little time for Buffalo-area bakers to get into their kitchens and make fresh cookies. Would it be easier if you could make your cookie dough or cookies and freeze them until you need them? You can – here are a few tips to help you reclaim some time in the kitchen this holiday season from and
  • Many cookie doughs can be frozen for four to six weeks – make sure you double-wrap the dough in plastic wrap or store in air-tight containers to avoid freezer burn as well as the absorption of odors in the freezer.
  • Write the type of dough and date made on the wrapping or put tape on the container with the information.
  • Doughs that freeze best: shortbread, chocolate chip, peanut butter and sugar cookies.
  • When it comes time to bake, thaw overnight in the refrigerator.
  • Baked cookies can be kept in the freezer for many weeks – make sure you double-wrap and label baked cookies just as you did dough.
  • To eat frozen cookies, let them thaw to room temperature or microwave them for approximately 30 seconds (times will vary by cookie and microwave).

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