Monday, March 4, 2013

Eating what you grow: Edible flowers

When it comes to edible flowers, a few which come to mind easily are lavender, dandelion and chamomile. But how about day lilies? Gladiolus? Fuchsia? Chrysanthemum? Yep, those are all edible too (watch the day lilies though – they may act as a laxative!).
I was familiar with the first three mentioned above, but I didn’t find out about day lilies until last summer when I was on a garden tour with Menne Nursery in July. This was the totally cute mousse presentation we were greeted by at one of the homes (which was gorgeous in itself!).

Yes, I did try the day lily – and it wasn’t bad (kinda tasted like lettuce…).

Since I love baking and gardening (hence my titles of Buffalo Baking Examiner and Buffalo Gardening Examiner!), I’ll be sharing a few more pieces with you in the coming days – I’ll post the links in this post when they’re up. Until then, check out this information from the Home Cooking guide, Peggy Trowbridge Filippone.

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